At Krinos, we naturally cure and age delicate fish roe for more than a year to make the Greek delicacy known as Tarama. Pinkish in hue and bursting with an appealing saltiness, these tiny eggs form the basis for Taramosalata, a mainstay of the Greek meze table. Taramosalata is a wonderful addition to any hors d’oeuvre platter. It is best served on warm pita or unsalted crackers. For a more elegant preparation, spread on crusty toasted bread topped with garlic butter. To make this delicious caviar spread, blend Krinos Tarama with olive oil, lemon juice and chopped onions. For creamier taramosalata variations, add either potato, bread and milk or almonds to the classic recipe. A colorful, crunchy garnish for deviled eggs, Krinos Tarama is also delicious served over crème fraiche on blinis or toast points.


Ingredients: Carp (fish) roe, salt

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