This may be the best guava jam you have ever tried! You'll love this carefully crafted gourmet jam, a perfect mixture of sweet, ripe guava. It's made in small batches with fresh guava fruit and no fillers, corn syrup or preservatives for an intense fruit flavor - 100% natural. We consider this gourmet jam a real find and think you will agree that it's better than anything you have ever tried. Rich, thick and flavorful, it's the perfect addition to your breads and muffins or used as a glaze or marinade for poultry, fish and meats.

What makes it so good? We think that it's the careful, handcrafted care of over 50 years from a family-owned company. But it's the fruit too. This jam is simply made with the best guava from Mexico.

Guayeco Gourmet jams were first created by Cesarita Gonzalez Martinez back in the 1950's in a little village called Calvillo, Mexico where the fruit is grown. Her husband, Severino Martinez, owned several guava orchards and produced the fruit. Cesarita was a homemaker who loved sweets and baked goods and began canning the guavas - the start of the Guayeco line of preserves. Cesarita shared this special gift with the family and passed her recipes down to her family and grandchildren. Over fifteen years ago, the grandchildren in Mexico decided to use their grandmother's recipes to produce these wonderful guava products for family and friends. Now folks in the United States can finally enjoy one of Mexico's best kept culinary secrets - pure, 100% natural, certified kosher guava preserves.

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