Katz Late Harvest Viognier Honey Vinegar 6.75oz




Agrodolce Wine Vinegar of Late Harvest Viognier
Viognier is a grape whose juice has an intoxicating aroma – floral, with pronounced notes of ripened apricot and sweet honey. These flavors convert beautifully to the production of vinegar. Albert Katz has upped the ante and blended his local wildflower honey with the wine before fermentation, creating what the Italians call “agrodolce”, or sweet and sour.

The finished Viognier Honey Vinegar has an incredible complexity from the subtle oak flavor of the barrel-aging to the honeysuckle finish. We love using this to dress beans or grains – the sharpness cuts through the earthiness of farro, chickpeas or lentils perfectly. Since it’s not overwhelmingly acidic, it makes a nice garnish for cold soups like Gazpacho or Cucumber Yogurt.

Katz Late Harvest Viognier Honey Vinegar makes a light and almost effervescent fruit salad dressing. Mix 2 parts vinegar, 1 part Wildflower honey and 1 part Greek yogurt. Toss with berries, melon or whatever fruit you have!


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