Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc Vinegar By Katz (Napa, California) 12.7oz 375ml




Marrying the sweetness and complexity of late-harvest wine grapes with bright, crisp acidity, Sauvignon Blanc Vinegar has an enjoyable ‘Agrodolce’ (sour-sweet) flavor, similar to a while balsamic. In the centuries-old tradition of the great Sauternes of France, Sauvignon Blanc grapes, organically-grown in the Suisun Valley bordering Napa, are intentionally left on the vine four to six weeks longer to become “raisiny” and boosting their concentration of fruit. Slowly aged in oak barrels, the result is a vinegar with hints of vanilla, sweet apricot, fig, and pear. All of Katz Vinegars are aged for nearly a year in casks stored in an old stone horse barn. This barn is one of the oldest structures in Napa and maintains a cool temperature year-round. Katz never expand their production capacity because they feel these vinegars are unique to this stone barn and would not be the same if produced in a larger modern facility.

Suggestions: Sauvignon Blanc Vinegar is one of our favorites for seafood salad dressing. Simply whisk with some Omnivore Salt and Ascolano EVOO for the perfect quick dressing.


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