LU Granola Milk Chocolate Cookies 7 oz. (200g)


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Don’t let the name fool ya, these Milk Chocolate Granola Cookies have nothing to do with the American sense of granola! Made with a sable base and chocolate topping, these Granola Cookies from LU are loved by children and adults alike. Grab a big glass of milk or coffee and enjoy this delicious French treat!

  • Facts: 7 oz. Product of France.
  • Ingredients: Wheat flour: 42.7% Milk chocolate 29% (sugar, cocoa mass and cocoa butter, lacose and mild proteins, skimmed milk powder, begetable oil, butter, glucose syrup, emulsifiers: soya lecithins (E476, vanilla flavoring): begetable oil, sugar, whole wheat flour 4.9%, surgar syrup, raising agents: sodium hydrogen carbonate, ammonium hydrogen carbonate, salt, acid: citric acid

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