Luisa Abram Rio Purús Wild Cacáo 70%




Primary Flavors: Spice; Dark; Earthen; Intense; Sweet; Cream

Notes of latent cream, chestnut, molasses, spices (licorice / sassafras), herbal roots + an indelible wild signature

The most rare & remote chocolate on Earth as of 2017.

Recovered deep within the Amazon jungle by Andre Banks. Crafted into chocolate by his daughter Luisa Abram. A family affair. DNA tested, analyzed & certified. A purebred.

An original prime root varietal of distinct & discrete genotype – Purús. (So christened using phytogeography: it flourishes wild along the Purús River in Brazil).

Chocolate insider Matt Caputo remarks: singular the taste… The notes direct & clear, but also arresting in just how unique they are compared to any other chocolate. Point blank: nothing else tastes like this. Even to the “died in the wool” aficionado, the flavor journey is completely new & uncharted.


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