Marou Arabica Coffee 64% Lam Dong, 2.8OZ. (SINGLE)




Marou was established by two French men, Samuel Maruta & Vincent Mourou, (so you can see where the name comes from!) who live in Vietnam with a vision to create chocolate with 100% local ingredients, blending the cocoa of Southern Vietnam with French artisan chocolate making expertise.

Cocoa (or cacao) was actually introduced in Indochina in the 19th Century & then forgotten during the war years and more recently rediscovered in the past decade.

Marou use exclusively fine flavour cacao varieties grown by small farmers who cultivate cocoa trees in the shade of taller fruit trees such as coconut or cashew nut, and ferment and dry the cocoa beans themselves at their farms.

They then make the bars in Saigon with a local workforce & beautiful foil-block wrappers based on Vietnamese wallpaper designs. they ship the finished bars from Vietnam to the UK & worldwide, which adds loads more value to the local Vietnamese economy than exporting raw beans for processing in the West.

Dong Nai 72%: Our own fermantation station near Cat Tien National Park in the Upper Dong Nai region produces, from locally grown pods, the cacao beans used to make this finely balanced dark chocolate with hints of spice.

Weight: 80g

Additional information

Weight 2.47 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 2 in


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