Montelimar Nougat from Suprem’Nougat




The legend goes that in the 17th century, a sweet old woman would make a secret candy for her nephews and nieces…when they saw it, they would exclaim, “tu nous gates”, or “you spoil us”. When she passed, she bequeathed the secret recipe to her favorite niece Lina and asked her to name them after their cries of joy, “nougat!”. This much loved confection is a simple blend of egg whites, almonds, pistachios, and lavender honey. Made both in Provence and in Italy with slight differences in recipes, it has become a dessert staple in both countries.

Ours is made by a brother and sister team, Jacques and Ghislaine Savin, who took over the company from their father in 1989. A lifetime of experience goes into creating this tasty confection.


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