Titone Valli Trapanesi DOP Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml





Green with golden reflections


Intense and strong, rich notes of medium ripe tomato, white apple and banana, hints of black pepper


Full-plant, with clear tones of beans, lettuce and memory of basil, mint and sage. Bitterness is powerful and spicy well expressed

The territory of the province of Trapani is a land in which it produces great olive oil. Int this territory olive cultivation has ancient roots, and the oil produced are recognized today as DOP Valli Trapanesi; here are cultivated all olive groves of the Titone family. The Titone company was one of the first in Sicily to convert to organic farming. From 1992 all production steps are controlled and certified. Today, the Titone company produces two types of oil – derived from olive cultivars of Cerasuola, Nocellara of Belice, Biancolilla – hand-picked and pressed after a few hours in the company mill. The Titone family has created an oil that encloses within itself the millenary perfume of this part of Sicily, achieving the best awards all around the world.


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