Volpaia, Italian Red Wine Vinegar – Aceto di Vino Rosso 16.9oz




This red wine vinegar takes advantages of modern innovation while preserving the traditional qualities of a fine red wine vinegar. They start by using high quality wine which slowly percolates into a tank through three tiers of stainless-steel baskets loosely filled with wood shavings and dried grape vine cuttings. This process allows the wine to oxidize so that it provides a support for the acetifying bacteria. This method takes about two weeks and preserves the aroma and flavor of the wine. The vinegar is then aged for up to a year, first, in large chestnut vats and then in small oak barrels.

This vinegar has a greater depth of flavor than many other red wine vinegars which we attribute to both the quality of the wine and the judicious use of oak in the production process.


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