April's Maple: Maple Syrup 1 pint Amber grade


1 pint of premiere maple syrup from one of the finest Vermont maple farms. An incredible value. Amber grade is the most popular, renowned for it's lush maple flavor. Perfect for a fall morning pancake or your favorite cocktail. 

From the Maker:

April’s Maple is nestled deep in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont on 800 beautiful acres of land that has been in my family for generations. Before I had the privilege of caring for this land my mom and her five sisters (the Jackson girls) held that honor and before them, their parents (my grandparents) did so. When the idea for April’s Maple first surfaced it was important to me that this land continue to honor my grandparents, Audrey and Elmont Jackson and their way of life by honoring what was important to them – love of family, an appreciation for nature and respect for our environment.

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