A delicate freshness and a moderate acidity enrich the sensorial profile of this cocoa from the hinterland of Perù and grown in the lands embraced between the Ucayali and Marañon rivers. It is along the Rio Ucayali that the first European contact with South American cocoa was recorded and it is among the generous waterways of Peru that the wildest cradle of cocoa could reside: precisely these lands could be the origin of all species of Theobroma, the cocoa plant, existing.

The Single Origin of Perù has the flavor of social redemption: the Trinitario cocoa selected by Domori comes from the crops of the Sumaqao cooperative, which groups together small local producers who have been marginalized and redeemed thanks to the cultivation of cocoa in three main areas, Vrae, Ayacucho and San Martin.

Ingredients: Peru cocoa paste (70%), sugar cane (30%). It may contain traces of soy, milk and nuts

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