What's special about this tea? Put down that phone, switch off your laptop, sit down, feet up, breathe deep, close your eyes.... What?!!? No time for all that pre-bed relaxation? Then put on the kettle and enjoy this yummy blend of apple, lavender and chamomile, known to help you maintain a good snooze. Light, a little sweet and flowery. Off to sleep you go. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Our tea temples: We use real, quality, whole tea leaves, whole herbs, berries, flowers and spices; not the dust found in regular tea bags - whole leaf is best. A tea worthy of worship belongs in a "tea temple" - our spacious, biodegradable mesh bag (made from corn starch) allows the leaves lots of room to infuse.

how does it taste?
Fancy. Sweet apple, light lavender and a flowery hint.

good if you're feeling
Restless - this will knock you out.

how we like it
Just before bed.

Ingredients: Organic Apple Pieces, Organic Chamomile Flowers, Organic Lavender Flowers

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